Remote Monitoring


  • Multi user and Multi location support
  • Data monitoring and Storage
  • Compatible with LAN / WAN
  • Can support private or public IP addresses, obtained dynamically or configured statically
  • Can send Email or SMS for events like AC Failure, Overload, Battery Low, AC Restore etc
  • SNMP is a state of the art, web based UPS management solution that helps save cost by reducing the downtime of UPS systems. It provides online management of any UPS System located anywhere in the world in a secure cost effective and user-friendly manner.

    SNMP provides detailed information on all parameters of the UPS such as Input and Output Voltage, Input Frequency, Percentage loading of the UPS, etc.

    SNMP can store Events & Data in it and user can download the same into computer. In short SNMP is a uniquely simple, user friendly, device networking solution for providing value added and cost effective UPS Monitoring Solution